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Hehehe!  Here are the other "main" characters that will be featured in "The Passioned 4 You Adventuers"!:

Brittany-Kun (a.k.a Pook)

B/K is all into nerds.  Yeah, that's right.  I said nerds.  She doesn't care though, about what people think.  And that's what makes her really cool...


Jimmy is B/K's b/f!  He's really nice, and plays the keyboard-type-thing.  Ummm, well, yeah, I, uhhh, guess. lol.  Anyways, I saw that he included me on his website, and I was all like, "Dude, that's so cool!  Now, I have to had him onto mine though!"

The Man with the Yellow Hat

Hehehe.  I took that title off of "Curious George"!  The Man with the Yellow hat is very mysterious... and his TRUE identity is a secret!!!  Right now, he is the antagonist.  But will he turn good later on in the story???  Tune in to my website to find out!!!

To read the stories of the Passioned 4 you Adventures, go to the "Passioned 4 You Adventures" page!!!  Duh!

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