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Series 1 (A Time of Darkness)

Epi-soda 1
The Corner
   Shyann walked up next to Brittany.  It was a clear day outside, and the sun was shinning brighty in everyone's faces.  HOW ANNOYING!  Anyways, Shyann had once agian, drew another anime master peice, and wanted to show her Brittany-Kun.  This time, it was some dude named Runi-Ken-Shin, or whatever.  Shyann didn't always know the name of every anime show, but she could sure draw them!
   "B/K!  Take a look at this!"
   "Another one?"  Brittany-Kun rolled her eyes and glanced at the picture.  "God, Shyann!  It's the 14th picture you've drawn today!  Can't you give it a rest?"  The two girls were at school, and it was lunch time.  Shyann got out another peice of paper and started doodleing.  After 5 minutes of silence, she started talking.
   "You know, I was watching Ace Ventur-"
   "And there was this one par-"
   "La-la-la!  I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
   "And the racoon wa-"
   "And he slipped-"
   "And he died..."
   B/K stared at Shyann.  "You done?" she whispered loudly.  Shyann curled her lips and nodded her head.  Just then, Jimmy (who lives in Flordia, but all of this is taking place in California) came up walking to them.  As he and B/K kissed, Shyann turned her head and pretened to puke.
  "Hey, Shyann!  How's it going?"  Jimmy asked.
  Avoiding his eye, she said sarcastically, "Fantastic.  Now if you don't mind, why don't you and Pook show each other a little more love in front of me, and that'll make my day!"
   Brittany slapped Shyann with her notebook, but Jimmy laughed.
   "Sorry," he chuckled, and the bell rang.  The three gathered there things and started towards the front of the school.  You see, it was a minimum day that day, which meant that the students had all of their classes before luch, and then they got to go home after lunch.  They said thier partings and Shyann started to walk to her house.  She came to the corner where the cross-walk was.  She waited for the cars to stop, and as she did, a man with a yellow hat came up next to her.  Shyann slowly moved away from him, but he did not seem to react.  The cars stopped.  The man in the yellow hat and Shyann started to walk across.  When they got to the other side, she thought that the man would start walking in the other direction.  But it seemed as though he was following her.  After a minute of uncomfrotableness, Shyann turned around.
   "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" she said loudly, but was sure she didn't scream.  The man lifted up is head, so you could only see his mouth.  The rest was hidden by that stupid hat.  The guy smiled.
   "I will see you tommorow, Shyann," he whispered.  Then, turned and walked away, as Shyann just stood there and watched him...
Epi-Soda 2
Silver Blades
   Shyann couldn't sleep that night.  She kept thinking about the man with the yellow hat.  As she tossed and turned in her bed, Shyann suddenly got a strange feeling.  She got up, put robe and went to the basement.
   It was like Shyann was a iron, and a magnet was pulling her towards the basement.  It was dusty and full of cobwebs down there.  Shyann saw and old trunk and walked over to it.  She kneeled down on her knees and lifted up the lid.  When she made this action, a burst of old, dry air shot out into her face.  Shyann coughed and shooed away the dust.  After the space had cleared up, she peered down into the trunk.  With both hands, Shyann reached inside and pulled out a Japanese dager.
  "Holy-" she whispered.  The dager's handle was wrapped in a red and black cloth.  Shyann pulled the dager out of it's wooden case and stared at the blade.  It was silver and it seemed new.  Shyann set the dager down next to her and looked in the trunk agian.  There was a large leather bound book, which she also took out.  Shyann closed the trunk's lid, grabbed the dagger and book and set off back to her room.
   The next day at school was a quiet one for Shyann.  She was not as hyper as usual.  She remembered the night before and where she had hid the two old items.  The dager, Shyann hid under her pillow case, and the book was in her desk.
   "Shyann, what's wrong?" Brittany asked during science.
   "There's something I need to tell you...  but not now.  I'll tell you at lunch."  Then, the bell reng for foruth period.  Shyann gathered her things and headed to math class.  She sat next to her friends, rachel and Janae and started working on her assignment.  Not two seconds later, did Shyann hear a voice calling her name.
   "Hey, Shyann!  My best friend in the whole-"
   "Hello, Andy," she replied without looking up.  Andy took a seat across from her.
   "Aren't you gonna give me the answers?" he asked.
   "No..." she said, still not looking at him.
   "Why not?"
   She rolled her eyes, and gave Andy her paper.  "There's what I have so far..." she said and Andy started copying the work.  After class, Shyann went outside for lunch and saw Brittany wsitting by Jimmy.
   "Hey!" she said.  "So, why are you so glum today?"  And Shyann told Brittany and Jimmy about the man with the yellow hat, and the dager and the book.
   "Did you call the cops?" Jimmy asked.
   "No," Shyann replied.  "He didn't do anything to me."
   "Yeah, but-" he started.
   "Shyann, don't worry about that crazy old fart," Brittany said.  "So, did you look at that book you found?"
   "Yeah, but it's all in Japanese.  I don't know what it says."
   "Bring it tommorow, I'll see if I can understand any of it," Brittany smiled.  Shyann nodded her head.
   After school, Shyann was afraid to walk home.  She waited for as long as she could until the principal kicked her off campus.  So, forced to go home, she started walking.  When she got to the same crosswalk agian, the man with the yellow hat appeared.  Both of them waited for the cars to stop, and walked acroos.
   "You have something of mine that I want..." the man whispered as they were in the middle of the croos walk.
   "Really?  I would never of guessed..."  When the got to the other side, Shyann faced the man.  "look, dude, I don't know what your problem is, but stay away from me!"
   "I will once you give me the book." he replied.  Shyann stared at him.  "I know that you found the book last night, and I want it..."  they started walking agian.
   "So, you spy on me?"
   "No, I can just sense things..."
   "Really?  Wow!  That's amazing!" Shyann stated sarcastically.  "I'm not giving you that book so just....JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"
   The man smiled.  "You're angry..."
   "No friggin duh!!!  Look, if you don't stay away from me I'm gonna call the cops-"  As soon as Shyann said that, the man with the yellow hat pulled out two guns and pointed them at her.
   "No cops..." he smiled.  Shyann's legs were shaking.  "I'll see you tommorow, you better have that book..."  And the man walked off.
  As soon as Shyann got home that night, she took the dager out of her pillow case and put it into her backpack.  She zipped up her backpack, and looked up at the mirror that was in her bedroom.
  "He's gonna gve me alot of trouble tommorow...and when he does... I'll be ready..."
Epi-Soda 3
Weapons Revealed
  it was no suprise to Shyann that the man with the yellow hat appeared agian after school the next day.
   "Do you have the book?" he asked.
   "No.  What concern it is to you anyways?  What is that book?"
   The man smiled and pulled out his guns and aimed them at Shyann.  "No concern..."
   "Well, it sure semms like it!" Shyann screamed and pulled out her dagger.
   It was a very odd sight to see that moment.  A large man, his face hidden, aiming 2 revolvers at a girl, not much bigger than 5'5" holding a little dagger.  But odd moments are not completed unless they are followed by odd reactions.  The man with the yellow hat dropped his guns, and pretended to be innocent.
   "The Kogatana!" he whispered.  Shyann did not move.  She was frozen in a certain postition, her right arm outstretched, holding and pointing the dagger.
   "Why don't you be a good little girl and put that away."
   "WHY DON'T YOU BE A GOOD LITTLE BOY AND STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!!"  Shyann regained motion, and ran towards the man with the yellow hat.  He did not show fear, but inside, his spirit was shaking.  Shyann's dagger and the man's thigh made contact.  She jammed the tiny Japanese sword into his flesh until the blade no longer showed.  next, she turned the dagger to make a perfect circle.  The man screamed with pain.  Shyann pulled the large knife out and watched as the man's blood came pouring out.
   the man's cries were more like whimpering of a small puppy.  he fell to his knees and began to put pressure on the wound, as if it would help.  After a moment, the man looked up and said:
   "You'll be sorry for this!"  And he disappeared when the next autumn wind blew.
Epi-Soda 4
Seeing Things
   Over the next few days, Shyann was worried about the man with the yellow hat.  She wondered if she had killed him.  Had he bleed to death?  Or was his wound healed?  If so, would he come back after her?  Or will he find it safe just to leave her alone?  And what was the "Kogatana"?  Why was the man with the yellow hat afriad of such a small thing?  What was the book?  The man had, after all, stalked her for it.  But all of these questions were lost in a breif moment five days later in Shyann's science class.
   She was talking to her friend Titus.  Titus had blond hair about down to his chin, and was wearing a FOX RACING sweatshirt.  Anyways, they were just talking about their work, when Shyann got the craziest idea.  She was of course, a little weird, but such a thing was fun to use to irratate others.  And that's how Shyann was.  She looked up and told Titus:
   "You dare me to roll on the floor to my next class?"
   "Yeah, I will if you dare me.  I'll literally get on the floor and roll to my math class."  Titus stared at her.
   "You're crazy..." he said.  Shyann smiled.  "Ok, do it then!"  So when the bell rang, Shyann gave her stuff to one her friends, ran out into the hallway, and laid on the floor.  Next thing anyone knew, she was rolling down the hallway.  Shyann heard in the background people shouting her name.
  "Oh my god, what is she doing???"
  "Who is that?"
  "Holy crap!  A teacher's coming!"
  The teacher was chasing Shyann down the hallway.  When Shyann caught glimpse of her, she began to roll faster.  She got to the end of the hallway and started to turn when the teacher caught up to her.  Ms. Teacher-Lady pulled Shyann up by her sleeve.
  "Come with me..." the teacher stared at her.  Shyann smiled.  Were they really goning to punish her?  Last time she checked, rolling down the hallways wasn't agianst the rules.  The teacher began to walk to the office.  But, as Shyann began to follow, something ... yellow ... caught her eye.  She turned and stared at him.  The man with the yellow hat had been watching her.  He smirked at her, and Shyann stared wide-eyed.  A student passed in front of him, and he was gone.
  She was sick of waiting for answers.  Now at home, Shyann sat in her futon, with the book in her lap.  She remembered the "Kogatana".  So, she reached into her backpack and pulled the dagger out.  She took it out of it's case, and glared at it.
   "Kogatana..." she whispered.  As soon as she said that, she felt the urge to tap the blade on the pages of the book.  So she did.  The japanese writing began to change different colors, and moved across the pages, transforming into english words.  Shyann read:
You have found a way to darkness
But not without a light
The Kogatana will protect you
If you keep it out of sight
Show it only to your enimes
Before you injure them
And power will come to you
For you to use agian
Now magic lies in these pages
And the more bloodsheed
The more power you'll recive
As you sleep in bed
So keep that little dagger
For it will change into a sword
Slay all of your enimes
And recive time's greatest reward
   Shyann slammed the leather book closed.
   "That man... he wants this power...."

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